Month: March 2017

detach yourself from outcome 22 Mar

Detach from Outcome

Detach from outcome

To ‘detach from outcome’ is a wisdom roughly 2,400 years old. It is said that the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu is the wisest book ever written, this is a massive statement and you don’t necessary have to agree with it, but if you pay close attention to it you will find some truth in it.

detach yourself from outcome


Although 99% of it is totally paradoxical, this one is no different. The core of it is to encourage everybody to SERVE, to genuinely CARE and to ultimately ADD VALUE and when this is all that what you do, all the rewards that others really crave will start to show up in your life whether it is LOVE, MONEY or just a peaceful LIFE.

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working from home 16 Mar

Wealthy Affiliate A Top Paying Affiliate Program Or A Scam?

financial freedom

One of the top paying affiliate programs OR a scam?


Wealthy AffiliateTo avoid building the wrong expectations, I am going to go through exactly what went through my mind while I was looking for a top paying affiliate program  such as Wealthy Affiliate. The first thing I really wanted to know was:

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