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    Building a website for free:

    building a website for free

    When it comes to building a website for free, you don’t need to look any further. What is being offered here is absolutely brilliant, all you have to do is read to the end and take action. If you put it off for later, you might never do it, it is in the human fiber, to procrastinate.

    Nowadays, it takes approximately a minute to build a website, slightly longer if you take your time choosing a theme. This alone used to take over two weeks to do and take an intensive HTML code course as well. Hey! Things have come a long way and nowadays software such as WordPress will write all the code for you while you type in normal visual mode, add few plugins and you will have a state of the art website.

    But having a beautiful professional and dynamic website is just the START!

    Do not get OVERWHELMED!

    Before we go any further you can have a go at building your own website FOR FREE here:


    Building a business website:

    Seriously, the way the guys at wealthy affiliate deliver the learning and organize the training and the lessons whereby everything is task oriented and requiers lots of ACTION, you will get to grips with it all with such an ease you wouldn’t even notice how far you progress.

    Although having a website is just the start, with Wealthy Affiliate you will learn all of the following:-

    1. Building your very own websites. (Your Online Business.)
    2. Choosing your niche, guide and help you find the product. service or interest that you want to promote through your website.
    3. Add content to your website, so far you have built the shell of your website, now you will learn how to create pages and posts and how to populate them with high quality content that Google will look at and rank.
    4. Traffic to your website, explore all the different avenues which will drive traffic to your content.
    5. Getting indexed in Google.
    6. SEO, Search Engine Optimisation.
    7. Social Media, utilising social media to drive traffic(customers) to your website.
    8. Join Affiliate Programs, promote other people’s products and services and earn money.
    9. Creating and delivering VALUE to your customers.
    10. Marketing tips.
    11. How to get paid for your efforts.


    The Importance Of Keywords:

    Right, if your knowledge of web design IS as good as mine when I first joined Wealthy Affiliate, then you wouldn’t know what is the term Keywords really means! So here it is:

    Keywords are the terms which you want to be ranked under in Google. In other words, the terms that you type in the search engine.

    Keywords are very important if SEO is the path that you would like to use (which you should) to drive traffic to your website. Without them, your website and all its content will be buried and no one will ever find it.

    Here at wealthy affiliate you will be taught by the best teachers in the field, you’ll be taught how to do your keyword research using keyword research tools that are supplied for you to use.


    Planning for success:

    Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now. -Alan Lakein

    So where to start? Where to go from here? What.. How.. If…..?

    Start here by joining for Free it will cost you nothing!

    Check it out!

    You have nothing to lose and if you take enough ACTION everything to gain.

    You owe it to yourself and to your family. Click the banner below and see you on the inside: