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    Working from home opportunities 10 May

    Work From Home Opportunities

    Work From Home Opportunities

    work from home opportunities

    To work from home is a dream held by many achieved by the few, those few are actually growing everyday very fast, thanks to the internet and the huge leaps in technology.

    I am sure that you hold this dream too, or else why would you be reading this post, right! You are wondering about how possible it is or maybe how difficult it is depending on your way of thinking and whether your glass is half full or half empty.Read More

    5 Apr

    Why Is Self Image Important?

    To be aware or not to be aware, is that the question?


    Why is self image important?

    Self awareness

    I am going to ask you two questions, answer them as honest as you possibly can. There is no set answers and there is no right or wrong answers.

    Are you ready?

    Here we go:

    When you look in the mirror,

    1. What do you see?
    2. What do you say?

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