Detach from Outcome

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    detach yourself from outcome
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    Detach from Outcome

    Detach from outcome

    To ‘detach from outcome’ is a wisdom roughly 2,400 years old. It is said that the Tao Te Ching written by Lao Tzu is the wisest book ever written, this is a massive statement and you don’t necessary have to agree with it, but if you pay close attention to it you will find some truth in it.

    detach yourself from outcome


    Although 99% of it is totally paradoxical, this one is no different. The core of it is to encourage everybody to SERVE, to genuinely CARE and to ultimately ADD VALUE and when this is all that what you do, all the rewards that others really crave will start to show up in your life whether it is LOVE, MONEY or just a peaceful LIFE.

    So, here is the deal: you do whatever you good at, your passion, your talent or whatever it is  that you are going to enhance and impact someone else’s life with. You must do it to the best standard that you can possibly achieve and with total care and genuine concern for your target audience. Put it out there to make it attainable to as many people as it is possible. Do not worry or concern yourself with the results just commit and be totally absorbed by what you do, the results will start coming in and with such a speed. You will be astounded.


    What Is An Outcome?

    detach yourself from the outcome

    An outcome is what you seek to have or achieve as a result of doing something. It is not always money, although money is usually at the heart of it. There are two types of outcomes:

    • Psychological.
    • Material.

    Seeking validation, acceptance and fame are typical forms of psychological outcomes. Money, houses, powerful-super cars and holidays are typical material outcomes that we all seek as a reward for our work.


    Why to Detach from Outcome?

    detach from outcome


    Whenever you want or need something in life, do you?

    • Wish you could just have it.
    • Think you could just have it.
    • Know you can just have it.

    Although the difference between the three above is so subtle, it is in-fact HUGE! The way you perceive it, it makes all the difference.

    • Wishing is almost always the way of the Dreamer.
    • Thinking is the way of the Pragmatist.
    • Knowing is the way of the Warrior.

    In most cases, the dreamer is attached to whatever he’s wishing for, be it: money, cars, holidays, or love and happiness. He is dreaming about it from a place of lack and that could influence the way you work and seek to achieve it thus making it difficult to obtain and creating a lot of struggle in the process.

    The pragmatist is thinking about the dynamics or the needs of what it takes to make it happen and in doing so he creates resistance. He is focusing on what is missing and what vehicle might he acquire or design to deliver the results.

    The warrior, however, comes from a place of knowing that it will happen and embarks unhindered creating value, paying no attention to the results and when they are going to show up. In having this powerful knowing he calls on the dormant forces within.

    Make no mistake for in everyone of us there is a dreamer, a pragmatist and a warrior. It is in having the self-awareness that we decide which one will be dominant enough to lead for the journey a head.

    Once we reach this place of knowing we relax and surrender immersing ourselves into the task detaching completely from the outcome and produce amazing results that will astound even ourselves and bring in all the results we seek.

    So dream, think and allow the warrior inside of you to create miracles.


    So, if you have any questions or need any help in dealing with any of the topics above, particularly how to detach from outcome please let me know by leaving a comment in the box bellow and I will get back to you as soon as I can.



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