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    Financial Freedom!

    Financial Freedom, The Dream

    Feel Good Right Now”

    Financial Freedom Defined:

    • The definition:

      Can you define financial freedom? And if so, what is it? Well, the reason I am posing this questions is because each and everyone of us, will define it differently. So while it might mean to me having income coming in regularly that exceeds all of my expenses, to you it might mean having enough money not to need to work ever again. To someone else it might be having multiple streams of passive income so he or she might enjoy easy life without having to worry about money. However you define it, you really need to know what it means to you! 



    Should you pursue it?:

    Well, the short and obvious answer is YES! But one should really think carefully and consider what they are looking for, and what they want from life. Questions to think about before you get there:

    1- How long can you live on an exotic beach before you get board out of your head?

    2-Can you really maintain a passive stream of income while you sleep?

    3- Is this IT?


    • Why to pursue it?

    Well, my mother used to always repeat the old proverb: ” you can’t help the poor if you’re one of them.” And she used to follow it with a further confirmation: ” you need to be RICH to do that!” To me that is one massive reason to help the poor. If you watch the world’s richest people, you’ll be amazed at how the richer they are the more people they help poor and otherwise.

    Another reason would be, is to aspire to be the best version of yourself possible. You might say, I don’t need to be rich to be the best version of me! To which I say:but money and riches really do help you to be the best version of you,, you know why? Simply because if you have less to worry about, you’ll be more relaxed and have more time to focus on yourself.

    • How to pursue it and get there?

    If you are looking to get there quickly, I am sorry to disappoint you because you are in the wrong place. Getting RICH QUICK is nothing but an illusion, and the real only way I know, and even then it’s such a long shot, IS the LOTTERY.

    Attaining financial freedom is a process, a journey, if you like, and it has it’s ups and downs along the way. If you have this mindset then this is the place for you and you’ll get there. How fast or slow it all depend on you and on your level of commitment. Remember this powerful quote:

    Your level of success will seldom exceed your level of personal development, because success is something you attract by the person you become.” ~JIM ROHN

    Check your stock: 

    1. Passion: what is it you really want to do in order to get there?
    2. Knowledge: do you know what it takes to get you there?
    3. Your skills: do you have the skills needed to succeed at it?
    4. Attitude: do you have faith that you will make it?
    5. Character: do you have the inner-strength to take you there?

    The GOOD news is: even if you have answered NO to all of the above questions, you can DO it! Yes you CAN because of the above quote which is simply telling you, that you need to increase your personal development and acquire all that you don’t have. And read the following quote:

    ” Whatever that has been achieved before, it can be achieved again and again, if the same conditions made available.”

    So, do look for what it is that you’re going to do in order to achieve your financial freedom. Find the conditions that made it happen before, and duplicate them. It is a journey and a process, so focus on the journey and on the process of adding value, be present in every moment and enjoy the thrill of the ride. However DO not focus on the results and by that I mean: money, cars, houses etc.. Because when you focus on value, the results will follow, and not vice-a-versa.

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