Smart Passive Income!

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    Smart Passive Income!

    Smart Passive Income

    1. Is a smart passive income possible or is it just a myth?
    2. Can it be permanent?
    3. Could it really be effortless?
    4. How easily can it be achievable?

    Action is the foundational key to all success. -Pablo Picasso


    Action, mmmm there is that word again. Smart Passive income is only possible when your mind is not seeking it because in order to achieve it you need to work hard initially to lay the foundation and then much later harvest the benefits. So, is it a myth? No it isn’t. Many people out there are earning passive income and if you are not one of them, believe me you can and you will, if you want it and taking action towards it. But first you need to understand few facts about passive income.


    Is it easy? Far from it!

    As I mentioned above, initially you will need to work hard to set your business up and lay the foundations. Let’s look at an example, affiliate marketing, there are many ways in which you can promote other people’s products and services one popular way is blogging and in order to do that successfully you will need to:what is passive income?

    1. Build a website: you will need to learn how to do one to a high standards.
    2. Learn SEO (search engines optimisation)  to get ranked on the search engines.
    3. Create quality unique content about your chosen topic.
    4. Sign up to affiliate programmes to promote their products.
    5. Be disciplined, motivated and none quitter.
    6. Have courage and lots of patients.

    None of the above sounds easy but it does pay once you get there and it could lead to passive income. See, after all of this and I am still saying it COULD because for your website to generate passive income will still depend on a lot of factors that we will talk about in a different place.


    Is it permanent?

    Nowadays nothing is permanent.

    The truth is:

    if you are not engaging with your readers (customers), constantly updating your website, adding quality posts to keep them coming back and delivering real value to them, someone else will. This is the reality! As Will Rogers succinctly puts it:

    Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there.

    So, just ask yourself the following questions:the truth about passive income

    1. Could anybody deliver real value, PASSIVELY?
    2. Can you live, PASSIVELY?
    3. Would it be possible to make a relationship thrive, PASSIVELY?

    If your answer to the above questions is a definite NO! Why would you want to run your online business passively?

    It really doesn’t make any sense, Right!

    In order to make a business thrive you need to:

    1.  ACTIVELY deliver VALUE to your readership.
    2. Really engage with the people.
    3. Constantly look for ways to gain their trust.
    4. Become an authority in your chosen niche.
    5. Innovate and take ACTION lots of action.

    If you do that, you can bet Passive Income will come your way without a doubt. Passive income, in most cases, happens to people who aren’t looking for it in the first place. Focus on value and on ways to serve your readers and the rest will follow.


    Is it effortless?

    How can it be? There is nothing that is effortless that is worth anything, won’t you agree? Things that are of real value and add a lot of value require a lot of effort. If you believe that you could acquire a lot of riches without putting in a lot of effort, then, I am really sorry to wake you up from that sweet passive income effortless

    In order to reach the stage where your income is leveraged to a degree that it makes it feel as if it was passive, you will need to:

    • Invest in yourself and never stop investing in yourself, because it is a lifelong process that never ends.
    • Discipline your mind to take action without listening to your inner dialogue of doubt and hesitation.
    • Initially work hard to create real value to your readers/customers. Make adding value your main focus.
    • Be consistent. Even if you only have the time to add one paragraph in a day, do it! That is one paragraph less for you to think about.
    • Be patient it takes time. It will not happen overnight.


    To Conclude:

    Smart passive income is very possible and a lot of people are a living proof of this. Stay value focused, work hard and take lots of action and it will come to you.


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