Why Is Self Image Important?

    Apr 5

    Why Is Self Image Important?

    To be aware or not to be aware, is that the question?


    Why is self image important?

    Self awareness

    I am going to ask you two questions, answer them as honest as you possibly can. There is no set answers and there is no right or wrong answers.

    Are you ready?

    Here we go:

    When you look in the mirror,

    1. What do you see?
    2. What do you say?

    You see, the answer to the above two questions can tell you so much about yourself and where you are in your life at the moment, you will be shocked.

    It can tell you the following:-

    • If you are successful OR not.
    • Whether you are happy OR not.
    • Are you rich OR poor.
    • Perhaps you are strong OR weak.
    • Do the people around you go out of their way to help you OR just get out of your way.
    • Maybe people in your life, love, admire and respect you OR they just tolerate your presence.
    • If you are confident OR insecure.
    • Are you an extrovert OR an introvert.
    • If you love yourself OR hate yourself.
    • If maybe you believe in yourself OR full of doubts.

    And much much more. Without exaggeration Self Image is everything. It is the one thing that when you put right everything in your life gets right almost instantly.

    Read on to find out how to polish your self image and get the results that you have been always craving and they have been eluding you.


    Who is staring back at you in the mirror?

    Have you ever stopped for a moment and took the time to look into your reflection’s eyes and say or contemplate something really nice and positive?

    Have you stood in front of a full size mirror naked and admired what you see without judging and wishing some parts were different?

    If you have, well done and you are at some level of higher-consciousness and self awareness only available to a very few people. Keep it up.

    However, if you haven’t, read on and find out why it is so important to do this.


    Loving thy self!

    I know I know, some of you already cringing at the thought, but it really is nothing to do with being arrogant and vane.

    The question is:

    How do you expect anybody to love you, when you don’t love yourself?

    This is one side of the coin, the other side of the coin which is more important is:

    Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change.- Dr Wayne Dyer

    This is so powerful. So, close the circuit of reason and logic in your mind and pay close attention.

    For a fleeting moment and before reading on, contemplate what Rumi said:

    Sell your cleverness and purchase bewilderment.

    So when you look in that mirror and all you see is beauty and perfection AND YOU LOVE IT AS IT IS, without judgment or conditions, you will be setting in motion forces and powers you never knew they were there to change it, until it is nothing short of your perception.

    Suddenly, you will be eating all the right foods and starting new programs to exercise and you will find yourself trying to quit all the bad habits that damage your health and you’ll find that your success rate is already multiplied and it will be reinforced every time  you look in the mirror.

    Smile and wink at the gorgeous you inside.


    Never compare yourself to NO ONE:

    why is self image important

    Our inner voice, that one that is always chattering away in our head, will hasten to bring up images of other people whom we know, as soon as we look at ourselves in the mirror. So we then start comparing, usually we will start thinking about other people whom we might think that they are better than us thus sabotaging our self image and losing our self esteem.

    She has prettier face, her nose is nicer than mine, her breasts are bigger/smaller, he drives better car, they just bought their dream home bla..bla..bla…

    You should never compare, yourself, your partner, your children, what you do, how much you earn or what you have to other people. Whether you compare up and end up feeling inferior or you compare down and end up feeling superior because both of these feelings are toxin and they are the work of the EGO.


    Accept Compliments With A Smile BUT Never Seek Validation:

    self awareness

    Accepting compliments with a smile and a thank you is very important because at a subconscious level you are affirming that you are worth it and deserve it, similarly rejecting it and brushing it a side is dangerous because you are telling your subconscious mind that you do not deserve it and as a result your self image is weaken and your self esteaem will suffer.

    self image

    Validation is the number one enemy of self esteem and the most desired by the ego. The big problem with seeking validation and other people’s opinions of you is that you become dependent on it and when you don’t get it your ego will hurt and your self image will be reduced as a result.

    self image importanceAnother problem with seeking validation is this:

    You are at the mercy of others all the time, when their opinion of you is positive your ego takes you on a HIGH and when their opinion is negative your ego drops you to an all time LOW. Up and down all your waken hours like a yo yo your energy is dissipated and your self image flickering on and off.

    To avoid this sorry state of affairs you need not pay attention to other’s opinion of you, stand tall and move towards your target like an arrow. Keep this quote in mind every time someone passes an opinion of you:

    What you think of me is none of my business.- Dr W. Dyer

    Thank people for their opinion of you whether it is positive or negative. Be kind to both and SMILE.


    Tame Your Ego:

    self awareness

    I don’t really want to delve into complicated psychological terms and definitions of the ego and the superego because this is outside the purpose of this post it will suffice to say that the ego is the first word in this paragraph ( I ). What is important here is:

    • How do we identify with it?
    • Is it negative or is it positive?
    • How do we control it and make it our servant rather than our commander?

    The problem with the ego is that it will always strive to make us identify ourselves with the things we have and the things we do so we go around telling ourselves something like this:

    • I am my ( job or career ). So, every time somebody gets a promotion your EGO say’s: I should have got it, I deserve it more. You congratulate that person and your EGO is saying: as if you deserve it you idiot.
    • I am the house I live in. So, every time you visit somebody with a bigger or nicer house your EGO make you green with envy.
    • I am the car I drive. So, whenever you pass a more expensive car, the person who’s driving it, is so stupid or even worse.
    • I am the money that I have. So, when you come across people with more money, they must be doing something wrong or illegal that’s why they have it.
    • Etcetera..

    This process of thinking running constantly into our mind, will have a dramatic impact on the way we feel and the way we evaluate our worth thus effecting our self image and our self esteem and will influence our progress and growth drastically.

    Another way our ego will impact us is:

    It will do its hardest to keep us into our comfort zone. It will give you 101 excuses to why you either can’t or shouldn’t DO IT, whatever it might happen to be that you are contemplating or trying to do.

    In view of the above, we can safely conclude that the EGO is negative and taming it is very important in order to grow and progress and what follows are few suggestions that will help you to bring it under control and keep it under control:

    1. First you will need to become aware of it and know when it is talking to you.
    2. Meditate and embrace silence.
    3. Deliberately and consciously counter the negative with positive. ex: the guy driving the super car is a good person and deserve it.
    4. Keep a mind that is open to everything and attached to nothing.-Lao Tzu

    5. Set your goals and move towards them like a warrior. No more excuses.self image
    6. Believe in yourself and your abilities, if it’s been done before then there is no reason why you can’t do it.Self awareness

    With taming the EGO comes a sense of liberation and ease. When you break free from the chains of limitations and self doubt. When you value yourself for what it is really worth. Only then you can truly look into the mirror, smile and say to yourself:

    The sky is the limit.


    1. Nobody is born a warrior, in exactly the same way that nobody is born an average man.

      I am going to be the Warrior, many thanks for such motivation.
      Keep it up.


      1. You are welcome Rima and thank you for your support. To be a warrior is to live this life as you like and on your terms no fear. Go for it and all the very best.


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